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Communication within an organization is a challenge due to the potential diversity of its constituents. Beyond a lack of personal congruence, different people often have different styles of communication and assign different meanings and interpretations to events and things.

Movement is a basic form of communication. When body and mind are congruent, communication with others becomes more clear. Dialogue is a form of communication, an exchange between two or more people that is a catalyst for growth. Exchange by its nature requires interaction or contact. This contact produces energy.

During the dialogue process, people learn how to think together, not just in the sense of analyzing a shared problem or creating new pieces of shared knowledge, but in the sense of occupying a united awareness, in which the thoughts, emotions, and resulting actions belong not to one individual, but to all of them together.

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Body Referencing


Body referencing is simply using the body as a source of information, observing without judgment, sensations, thoughts and feelings, in the present moment. BodyMindWellBeing participants explore new relationships with their bodies, enhancing the ability to a) breathe more fully, b) track sensation and c) integrate movement, trains the capacity to connect and identify with the life of the body, and its natural intelligence.

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