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My fascination with movement and creativity came into focus when I was a child, in an improvisational dance class. Even now, as I close my eyes, I can clearly remember feeling the sense of magic and deep satisfaction of following my own kinesthetic impulse. Years later I still experience a sense of wonder and delight when I move in the world from this responsive, congruent state. In this state my breathing is full, and my hands, face, feet, and pelvis feel articulate and awake. I am resourcing the body's natural intelligence. This is the state of full embodiment.

In my early career as a dancer, and throughout my life, I have remained enthralled by creative enterprise, optimal health, and by living a fully embodied life. In fact, I have come to insist that these elements form the foundation of all my endeavors.

Several years ago, I was fortunate enough to be trained to work on an outdoor adventure course (Ropes Course) located at an adolescent, residential drug and alcohol treatment center. The work combined movement, play, and the outdoors, all passions of mine. The course offered an opportunity for people to come together and "improvise" by experiencing group problem solving and creative decision-making through initiatives, exercises and cooperative games. I facilitated diverse groups through the course, including therapeutic, civic, educational and, in time, corporate groups.

The corporate work captured my attention for two reasons. First, we spend so much of our lives at work in this country that to consider work time separate from our "real" lives seems ludicrous. I was interested in exploring methods to more fully integrate "life" and "work". Secondly, I enjoyed the challenge of facilitating and forming a sense of community among a diverse population.

Eventually, I worked with an international experiential learning company at various Ropes Course locations throughout the United States and the Caribbean. I was introduced to the work of Meg Wheatley during this time. I facilitated an experiential component, relating to her work, for a large Fortune 500 company that had hired her as guest speaker for their world wide managers meeting. This experience made me think that while "Ropes Courses" were good learning experiences, often the complaint was that the learning faded as soon as participants returned to their work environment. I came to believe that it was the somatic perspective which was the universal element that would increase the effectiveness of group learning and offer lasting changes for the individual and the organization.

I became interested in developing a body/movement based "adventure" course. This method of work would travel anywhere, coming directly into the workplace, and could effectively transfer learning because each participant inhabits the primary tool – their own body.

I came to graduate studies at Naropa University to gain a more comprehensive understanding of Body Mind Psychotherapy and specifically, Dance Movement Therapy. I found that therapeutic work, optimal health, and personal/organizational development share a common search for growth and aliveness. My intention is to continue to live a fully embodied life, and bring people together in any setting, in a way that encourages them to move authentically, in congruence with self, while recognizing their interconnectedness with others.



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